Cibola Meats

Cibola Farms sells almost all meats retail direct to consumers.  You can purchase our products at 4 large DC area Farmer’s Markets, at our on-farm retail store or at our online store.  All meats are cut to retail size portions and are vacuum packed and flash frozen at the plant. We do have a small wholesale marketing plan in place for local area restaurants and retail stores.  All meats are produced using a green-grass pasture based system in an effort to produce meats that are nutritionally healthy, deliciously tender and balanced with the natural environment.

We never use any sort of growth antibiotics, hormones, steroids, feed additives or chemicals in our livestock operation. All animals are rotated regularly over fresh green grass pastures that allow previous pastures to rest, recuperate and rejuvenate.

Processing plants are selected based on their quality work and ability to support humane handling, treatment and processing.

Northern Virginia and DC Farmer’s Markets are fully stocked with every cut of buffalo meat and free-range pork. The Culpeper Farmer’s Market is stocked with our most popular buffalo meat cuts and a few select free-range pork cuts, with our on-farm retail market only 5 short miles away for a wide range of all cuts. The on-farm retail market is fully stocked with all products, including chicken, eggs, turkey, and other seasonal items such as beef, goat, rabbit, duck and goose. There is no need for advance ordering unless you are seeking a particularly large quantity of a certain cut.