Prices are constantly updating and if you are interested after reading the below wholesale parameters, please send an email to in order to receive a current wholesale price list. The list is available to retailers only (which is defined as a vendor with a retail tax license) and not available for general distribution or retail customers looking for bulk discount items. If you are not a retailer, please do still send us an email and let us know what you have in mind and we will let you know if we can work something out.

Prices are subject to change continually and you are encouraged to request an updated wholesale price list by email prior to placing an order.  We will confirm the price and supply availability back to you, along with delivery options and costs, by email before the order is processed.


Prices do not include delivery.  We are happy to work out delivery as inexpensively as possible depending upon where the product is going and when it needs to arrive.  Two refrigerated trucks operate in our system between Culpeper and DC each week going to farmer’s markets as well as between processors in the southern parts of Maryland and Pennsylvania and the Northern half of Virginia.  UPS will provide overnight shipping at ground shipping rates in the Mid-Atlantic Region, but note that the buyer to retain all risk in shipping and that none of the carriers will allow you to insure or guarantee the viability of the perishable product contents of the box based on delayed delivery and loss of product.  Providing us with an estimate of what you seek to order, when you need it and how flexible you are on timing will allow us to work out some delivery options and rates.

Frozen Product

Other than carcass, quarter and primal cut sales, all product is handled frozen and vacuum packed with a guarantee of high quality flash freezing at the processing plant the day the carcass is fabricated to market cuts.  If you require product in an unfrozen state, with a short lead time between ordering date and delivery date, we can get the product into a defrosting refrigerator as soon as you clarify this need so that it may arrive to you closer to a ready-to-cook state.


Payment is due upon delivery, unless other arrangements are in place.  Visa / Mastercard is preferred, but a company check or cash is also acceptable.  An invoice will be delivered to you no later than 24 hours in advance by email.  Billing can be arranged by contacting the business manager in advance of placing an order.

Order Placement

Placing orders by email to is the best method.  For subprimal and retail cuts would expect about one week lead time to process an order and arrange for the lowest cost delivery method option.  Last minute orders may be possible for pick-up at the farm or trucks that happen to be moving in that direction for another purpose. For carcass, quarter carcass or primal cuts, you would need to get into our live animal processing schedule.

Retail Labeling

We are in the middle of establishing a new product handling line that will allow retail stores to carry our prepackaged USDA labeled products. This should be fully in place in the coming few weeks, thus please do contact us with your interest.


All product is from USDA or State Inspected plants as required by law.