Cibola Farms

Cibola Farms produces Bison (also known as American Buffalo) using an holistic approach that focuses heavily on Humane, Ecological, Natural and Sustainable management practices.  Our herd of 350 bison grazes in the Piedmont region of Virginia halfway between Washington, DC and Charlottesville, VA in Culpeper County.  We provide locally grown bison meat to the DC region through both direct retail sales and wholesale marketing.

You can find our bison products at three DC area farmer’s markets weekly year-round, our online shopping cart and at our retail store at the farm in Culpeper, where we also allow visitors to take self-guided walking tours to check out the bison operation.


Open Daily: 9am - 5pm
Retail market at the farm

Self-Guided Walking Tours


You can find us at 10075 Stone Bridge Rd., Culpeper, VA 22701.  Or just GoogleMap Cibola Farms.

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Bison: Meat

Bison meat is sweet and rich in flavor, lower fat than white-meat chicken and some fish, high in iron, and a healthy alternative to other conventionally raised meats.

The meats at Cibola Farms are produced without the use of hormones, growth antibiotics and stimulants.  Bison meat rarely causes reactions to those with allergies to beef.

Bison are produced using a green-grass pasture based system in an effort to produce meats that are nutritionally healthy, deliciously tender and balanced with the natural environment.  All meats are cut to retail size portions and are vacuum packed and flash frozen at the plant.

Processing plants are selected based on their quality work and ability to support humane handling, treatment and processing.


Bison: Bison

Cibola Farms bison are produced using an intensive pasture rotational system that is run from March through December. The New Zealand style of rotational grazing has been applied to our bison operation with much success, albeit through trial and error.  Grain is used to supplement the grass growing operation in an effort to mimic the natural occurring grass seeds that bison would have consumed in moderate quantities across the great plains before their migration patterns were disrupted by settlement and development.  Please see the grain-on-grass page for more information on how and why grains are used at Cibola Farms.


Bison: Leather

Cibola Farms American Buffalo leather is produced from our heard of about 350 bison and harvested at processing time.  We have selected six main colors for the tanning process and provide both split hides and finished leather products for sale by way of our online shopping cart or directly at our retail market store at the farm.  The six colors include black, cognac, walnut, saddle tan, ox blood and walnut. The side link will take you to each page for a view of each of these colors. Occasionally we will send leather products out to our farmer’s markets around holiday season, and often carrying smaller items like bracelets, book marks and key chains at all times at all market locations.

All leather products are made by hand locally in Northern Virginia using leatherworks craft people that we work closely with to generate designs and patterns.  While it is often difficult or impossible to fulfill many special request orders, we are always open to entertaining inquiries and ideas that may lead to a new product idea or an improved modification to an existing design, so please do contact us with any questions that you may have.

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Bison: Farm

Cibola Farms produces bison using Sustainable management practices through a holistic approach to agriculture.

We employ Humane handling techniques and measures to ensure that all animals at the farm are comfortable both mentally and physically in an effort to produce a quality product through mindful and thoughtful care.

Cibola Farms aims to produce healthy foods through raising livestock using Natural elements. While we do not aim for organic certification for a host of economic reasons, we are confident that the product that we produce and sell is far superior to alternatives that use current conventional farming practices.

We care very much about the environment within which we are privileged to be both working and living. Cibola Farms makes as many Ecological decisions and efforts as possible in the mapping, planning and implementation of our agricultural endeavors.