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Cibola Farms is a meat operation and usually in the market to buy bison.  We rarely sell them, but this would be the first place to look when we do have excess.

Any of the above posted prices are based upon gate-cut and 4 head per purchase.  Any less or selective purchasing requests will need to be renegotiated on pricing.

All bison at Cibola Farms are managed as follows:
Pasture rotation every 2-3 days to a new paddock with controlled water systems (all waterways fenced out).  Grass-based system with grain supplementation for calves on creep (oats), cows for flushing and finishing bison on corn/soy/wheat blend in a self-feeder while in the grass pasture rotation system.  We have no feeding lot and green grass is always in the mix.  We only finish May through Dec. while there is grazable / stockpiled grass.  Annual working is relatively minimal with cow/calf getting worked in the fall and stockers getting worked in the spring.  Minimal working involves tagging, deworming, preg testing, pink-eye inoculations.  The deworming plan for the rest of the year involves powdered garlic treatments, free-choice pine needles and spot use of Safeguard mineral dewormer depending upon conditions and fecal analysis (usually 1-2 times per year).  If you need any handling before loading out, vet review, or other working, we have a fully functional coral (with scale) for this purpose and can work with any specific buyer (or their State Vet) requirements.

Contact us for any interest, questions or purchase arrangements.