1. By accepting these terms, you are agreeing to pay the price stated on your order for the package of meat, in the range of weight listed on your order, that will be sent out to you, this is regardless of the price that might be stated on the package, or the actual weight of the package that you receive. There are a variety of reasons why the package that you receive might have a price more or less than the price quoted on the internet, including supply / demand, cost of managing internet orders and supply guarantees, and generally the product is cheaper if you purchase it in our store than through other means.  If you have received a package that is less than the weight range on your order, please contact us immediately.  We reserve the option to send you a larger package as a substitute, but you will only be charged as per your order form.
  2. All shipments are delivered out on Mondays and Tuesdays using UPS or Federal Express, with the exact shipment day dependent on our internal farm operations, such that the order will arrive to your door within 1-3 days of dispatch. Orders must be received by 5 pm on Monday nights for processing that week, otherwise the order will most likely be processed the following Tuesday. You will receive an email confirmation when the package is sent out with a tracking number.
  3. Shipments during weeks with holidays that can cause a disruption in shipping services will be carried over to the following week with you being provided an option to cancel or continue with the order.  Carriers do not provide any insurance or guarantees for perishable products, so shipping cannot run into holiday weeks or weekends.
  4. All shipments are made without signature required upon arrival. This means that your package will be left at the door if there is no answer. You are responsible for all packages reported left at your door by the courier company, including theft, weather, failure to refrigerate contents timely, and all other damage that relates to door delivery. This is a necessary delivery element for all perishable products. If your delivery location is an office, apartment or other similar building, you are responsible for the package and contents once dropped anywhere in that building by the courier company, regardless of a failure to notify or deliver by the building’s receptionist, mail room or front desk.
  5. Meats are shipped-out frozen, vacuum packed, packaged in insulated containers and covered with ice packs. All packages, even if fully defrosted, can be placed directly back into your freezer to be refrozen. Contents will arrive frozen, partially frozen or defrosted and chilled. The freezer packs included in the package are tested sufficient to keep the box at or below 40 degrees for up to two full days in all types of weather across the U.S. All products must be refrigerated the day of arrival. We cannot guarantee the condition of your order if it is not refrigerated on the day of arrival.
  6. Please open and inspect your package immediately upon arrival. You have 48 hours from receipt to notify us of damage, billing mistakes or product errors. We will work to correct these errors, including possible replacements or refunds, in a timely manner. Refund requests must be made in writing using our contact page.  Refunds or replacements are generally provided if something goes wrong with the shipping on our end.  Refunds are generally not provided if package delivery problems are caused on the buyers end. Product quality complaints are all evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We generally aim for satisfied customers.
  7. Vacuum seals are not guaranteed, nor is there a health, safety or quality issue if  a seal breaks.  The purpose of the vacuum seal is for presentation and convenience to keep juices from leaking out during handling.  You can refreeze a package with a poor vacuum seal, but please plan to cook the product within a couple of months as air around the surface of the meat will eventually degrade the quality in small bits over time due to the dry air.   If you are going to cook the product soon after receiving it, please put the package into a glass or plastic container and let it finish defrosting in the refrigerator to catch any liquids.
  8. All shipments are made using Federal Express or United Parcel Service within the continental U.S. only. No Alaska or Hawaii shipments.
  9. We cannot guarantee your order if you provided are any errors with the shipping address or telephone number.
  10. Privacy Policy:  Customer information is collected for the purpose of processing your order. This information is kept confidential and is not shared.