June 2018 is our last full month of farmer's market work, after which you can find a limited supply of our products at the Arlington Courthouse Farmer's Market on Saturdays 8 am - noon, but you can reach our full supply of products here on our website shopping cart for free drop delivery to the Arlington Courthouse market each Saturday.  Just load up your cart here online, select Arlington Drop by latest noon on Fridays and pick up and pay for your order at the market on Saturdays in our Cibola Farms Bison booth location that we will be sharing with Hock Newberry Farm.  You can also always get our products at our farm store in Culpeper, online for Home Delivery and through food buying clubs.

Up through June, our Farmer’s Market booth starts each market day fully stocked with plenty of supply.  There is no need to be concerned with contacting us in advance unless you have a special request.  Our booth is set up like a small portable self-shop grocery.  Each cut of meat has its own compartment and is filled to provide you with a variety of cut size selection.  You pick through to find exactly what you want and our staff will be there to process the sale and answer any of your questions.

If you have large or special orders, please contact us with your request so that we can be sure to have those items on hand.